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Lortab, is the first word in relieving pain. Lortab is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is in a class of drugs that are opioids. The pain relieving effects of hydrocodone is increased by the acetaminophen. Do not take any medication that contains acetaminophen if you drink more than three beverages a day containing alcohol. Acetaminophen is not liver friendly. However, for getting rid of your pain, Lortab is one of a kind in its ability to allow you to function in your normal daily activities.

You will want to ask your doctor if it is ok when you want to take medication that might conflict with this drug. Do not take this drug if you have liver disease or if your liver is compromised in some way. Do not drive or operate machinery as this drug may impair your thinking ability. Do not take Lortab if you are allergic to acetaminophen or hydrocodone. Make sure that you can take this medication safely; after all it is your life.

Tell your doctor if you have any of these conditions.

a history of alcohol or drug addiction
mental illness
curvature of the spine 
Addison's disease or adrenal disorder 
underactive thyroid 
any stomach or intestinal disorder 
low blood pressure
any history of brain tumor or head injury
liver or kidney disease
asthma, COPD, sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders 

Hydrocodone can become habit forming, so great care should be given and alertness to the observation that this does not occur. Also if you are to become pregnant or you are a nursing mother or if you think you might be pregnant do not take this drug. It can produce breathing problems or withdrawal symptoms in a newborn child. Follow your doctor's recommended dosages; do not take larger amounts without consulting your physician.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids preferably water, about 6 to 8 glasses of water per day should suffice to prevent constipation. Please do not stop using this drug suddenly as this can cause problems. Also an increase in fiber can be beneficial while using Lortab. Ask your doctor how to avoid withdrawal symptoms if this should happen.

A false result for glucose with the use of acetaminophen in the urine so be sure to tell the lab technician you are taking this drug. So with any medication there are risks, but if you follow your doctor's recommendation on the use of this pain reliever the resulting benefits can be worth the risks.

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